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The Global Policing Database (GPD) is a web-based and searchable database designed to capture all published and unpublished experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations of policing interventions conducted since 1950.

The Global Policing Database was developed by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia. The project was funded by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (via The College of Policing) and an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship awarded to Professor Lorraine Mazerolle at the University of Queensland.


If you use the GPD in your research, please acknowledge the GPD creators by using the following citation:

Higginson, A., Eggins, E., Mazerolle, L., & Stanko, E. (2014). The Global Policing Database [Database and Protocol]. Retrieved from http://www.gpd.uq.edu.au/search.php

Chief Investigators:

Funding Contributions:

Foundational Stage Milestones:

  1. Protocol development and piloting
  2. Development of the Optimal Searching of Indexed Databases software
  3. Development of the SysReview software
  4. Systematic search of academic databases
  5. Development and implementation of standardised staff training
  6. Development of the Global Policing Database website
  7. Release of Version 1.0

Key Research Staff:

Student interns: